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 Welcome to Bangles and Bourbon 🥃

Hello, My name is Kristy and I am the creator of Bangles and Bourbon. I am a Wife and Mother to two beautiful kiddos! I was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. Bangles and Bourbon was created to bring life back to old vintage handbags. As a person who loves handbags, I hated when a purse was too damaged to use and I had to retire it to my closet. I decided, why not cut it and turn it into something new!? (Crazy right!? Who cuts a Louis bag!?)

I developed my first set of earrings and became obsesssed! Bangles and Bourbon has been developed with a passion. Making upcycled pieces has become an obsession for me! Each and every piece I make is a work of art and one of a kind. Every person deserves a piece of luxury and with Bangles and Bourbon you can!

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